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Yates McKendree

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The Secret Ingredient

Equally skilled on guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, vocals, or behind an engineering console, Yates McKendree is as bright of a talent as anyone to come out of Nashville in the modern era. Yates, only 21 years old, has already racked up his first Grammy Award for his work on Delbert McClinton’s hit “Tall, Dark and Handsome." His debut album 'Buchanan Lane' has been riding atop the Roots Music Blues charts at #1 for four weeks straight now, and the positive reviews continue to pour in almost daily.

"Yates McKendree is a huge talent who is just now becoming known by the global music community. He’s a young man but he will show you the way." -Mike O'Cull (

"Simply said, Yates McKendree is a musical genius. Between his writing, vocal and engineering skills (which garnered him a Grammy while still in his teens), and his ability to play just about whatever instrument he feels like, there is no better word to describe him. C'mon, how many other high school kids do you know who engineered and performed on recordings of legendary artists between classes?" -Peter 'Blewzmann' Lauro (The Rock House)

'Named after the street where he grew up, this album is Buchanan Lane’s gift to the world. If Yates McKendree doesn’t win awards for this one, I demand a recount!' - Marty Gunther (Blues Blast)

Gary Nicholson says of Yates, “I have said Yates is proof of reincarnation, only a very old and experienced soul could make his kind of art. Yes, he’s been around plenty before, and he’s giving it to this world again, just getting started being timeless.”

His debut LP "Buchanan Lane" features both classic cover tunes and original compositions Yates has co-written with Gary Nicholson. The LP highlights Yates’ skills, remarkable style and taste as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, with an emphasis on guitar. Yates has played North American and European tours and multiple appearances on national television (Imus In The Morning, CBS Mornings). Yates also made his name by playing in some of Nashville’s most notable venues The Bluebird Cafe, The Ryman Auditorium, 3rd & Lindsley).

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