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Vintage Pistol

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One of those bands that will both captivate and confound you quickly. Mingling elements of rock, funk, soul, pop, and improvisation, Vintage Pistol is a cosmic escape from another dimension while conveying a sensation of being comfortably safe at home. The connectivity of the band and their plethora of music styles has placed the group among one of the most exciting bands to arise from the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. The band is comprised of giant rhythmic elements, exploratory guitars, a captivating key-world, a bold low end, and grabbing vocals with lyrics that feed the ears and quench the soul. You can often hear their conversations on stage about Good vs. Evil, inner battles, growth, and being one with the current moment. Expect to crave an escape: a trip to explore a vibe they understand well. This is a late evening early morning band that leaves no story untold. They are described by most as wild while sweet, rambunctious yet consistent, and fine-tuned yet jam heavy. They explode like a flint-rock spark to black powder and rage wildly and unpredictably throughout their shows. Their contagious energy and ability to connect has led to astonishing appearances at Summer Camp, Mountain Music Festival, Backwoods, Wakarusa, Rochester Lilac Festival as well as critical acclaim from the likes of Live for Live Music, GratefulWeb, Relix Magazine, and Andy Frasco's World Saving Podcast.  


The origins of the band began between drummer and guitarist who scrapped their original instruments to dive into new realms, birthing the band. Drawing a name out of a hat, Taylor Smith and Garrett August formed the entity that is Vintage Pistol. Smith left the drum set to take on the role as Singer, Songwriting and guitarist while August ditched the six string to take on all things keys. Over time the pair found Arkansas Native, and at the time Oklahoma City based guitarist, producer and songwriter Walt Blythe. Blythe’s previous musical group toured alongside Vintage Pistol and the three became closely connected musically and personally. The band recruited Blythe and time has shown the band to blossom into the studio proficient group and live spectacle that is Vintage Pistol. With an interchanging rhythm section, you never know just what might be sonically gifted. Never miss a show. Dive into the music. They're right there with you.

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